A Bomb in the Heart

Studio Theater Stuttgart
How to explain? How do you start in the middle of a story? “Come quick.”
A phone call from his brother drives Wahab outside into a snowstorm. The grumbling bus driver makes you mad with fury. Fat father Christmas stuck in the snow in his car is beyond helping. Yet on the way to the hospital in which his mother lies dying he grapples more and more with his past: the memory of a failed escape at fourteen, of a girl who gave him her silence as a weapon and of the terrible incident during his childhood in a country at civil war.
Simultaneously brutal and tender - Wajdi Mouawad describes the end of a childhood in his piece that premiered in 2013. Only through depicting their experiences with the help of painting does the narrator succeed in organising the chaos in their head. And thus, the modern portrait of the artist as a young man is also a plea for the power of art.
scenic design
Christof Küster
Maria Martinez Peña


Irfan Kars*
Karlheinz Schmitt*