Kateryna Penkova

Kateryna Penkova graduated from Kyiv State Academy of Pop and Circus Arts as a conversational actress. She was a finalist of the I, II, III laboratory of drama of NSTDU as well as a member of the laboratory of the Molodyi Theater "Young Playwright" and the school of Fast Drama Post Play Theater. Kateryna Penkova was the laureate of the First Prize of the International Literary Competition "Coronation of The Word" (2012) and one of the six winners of the Ukrainian Institute drama competition within the framework “Transmission.ua: drama on the move. Germany" with the text Pork (2020). She also was a recurring participant of the shortlists of the Drama UA festivals and the Week of Current Play, as well as the Festival of Young Drama "Lyubimovka" (shortlist of 2020 with the text I do not remember the name). Kateryna Penkova is a member of the artistic council of the Theater of Playwrights.