Daura Hernandez Garcia

Daura Hernandez Garcia is a spanish creator, dancer, actress base in Stuttgart since 2013. Daura alternates her work with different companies and projects with her own creations in which the body and the voice merge and intertwine. In the most recent years she has worked regularly as a performer with Meinhard-Krauss (Die zweite Realitat, Robot Dreams) or Tanzspeicher Wurzburg (Blind Date), as well as participated in productions in the Staastheater Stuttgart as a performer (Ehen in Phillipsburg, Die Geschichte von Soldaten, Die Zauberflöte) and as a choreograph support (Die Würgeengel). In 2021 and 2022 she was performing in La Noche que no llega/Die Nacht die nicht kommt, von Luis Hergon und in Rebonico von Neus Ledesma. Her first long dance piece Arrawraw, was recently presented abroad.