Pavlo Arie

Pavlo Arie is a modern Ukrainian playwright, script writer, conceptual artist as well as a translator of German and Polish. He was born in Lviv and has lived in Kyiv and Cologne, Germany. He is the author of more than a dozen plays and screenplays. His works have been repeatedly published in various publications, as well as in form of individual books, some of them have been staged and presented at theatre festivals such as: "PLAYS FROM EUROPE 2010" Biennale (Germany), "Drama UA", "Kurbalesіya" (Ukraine), "New writing with Royal Court" (Ukraine), "Herbstcamp" at the „Deutsches Theater“ (Berlin) and "Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival" (, the "Tsei Festival" accredited by the International Federation of Asociative Film Producers of the Class A and the "Beirut International Film Festival" BIFF 2018 etc. Pavlo Arie won a number of dramatic and literary competitions, including the most famous Ukrainian competition "The Coronation of the Word".