Tetjana Kyzenko

Tetiana Kytsenko is a playwright and screenwriter, who specializes in social and psychological dramas. She won numerous awards at The Contemporary Play Week (Kyiv, 2011, 2012, 2013), the Drama UA festival (Lviv, 2012), the Coronation of the Word competition (Kyiv, 2015) and the Grand Prix of the Free Theatre competition (London-Minsk, 2016). Kytsenko also participated in the festival SPECIFIC (Brno, Czech Republic, 2014) and the “Wilder Osten. Ereignis Ukraine” project (Magdeburg, Germany, 2016). She curated the following events: “To Document!”; “Drama of Freedom”; and “At Gunpoint. Contemporary Drama” (Kharkiv) as well as the socio-artistic “Vitally Important” project (2018-19) in which she also acted as an author. In addition to the activities already mentioned, she is a member of the Board of the Theatre Platform NGO (Kyiv) and the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian League of Authors.