Birds of a Kind

by Wajdi Mouawad
Duration – ca. 3:30 hours, 1 intermissioncurrent estimate
In German, Hebrew, Arabic and English with German surtitles
season 2021/22

Vögel is a thriller and a modern fairy tale at the same time. With the power of an ancient tragedy, Mouawad tells a story of violence, individual fates and family conflicts set against the backdrop of the conflict in the Middle East. Eitan, a young biogeneticist from Berlin, falls in love with Wahida in the reading room of a New York university library. When Eitan introduces his new girlfriend to his parents and grandfather, a Shoah survivor, it causes a big row. Wahida is an Arab and not acceptable to Eitan’s father. In search of his family’s roots, Eitan travels to Israel with Wahida. There Wahida becomes aware of her long-denied Arab identity. And Eitan is told a well-kept family secret by his grandmother…   

Set Design
Costume design
Anna Kasten
Light design