Achim Freyer

(c) Helge Mundt
Achim Freyer, born in 1934 in Berlin, is a director, set and costume designer, and visual artist. He studied painting and graphic arts in Berlin and was Bertolt Brecht’s master student. In 1972 he relocated to West Berlin and embarked on his own works as a director. His productions brought him to Europe’s great theaters, to the U.S., and South Korea. For his stage works he has received numerous prizes and awards. As a visual artist, he was a two-time documenta participant and has been represented at many national and international exhibitions. From 1976 to 2002, Achim Freyer was a full professor at Universität der Künste Berlin. In 1988 he founded the Freyer Ensemble. In 2013, the Achim-Freyer-Kunsthaus opened in his Berlin villa. In the 2018-19 season he directed The Golden Pot at Schauspiel Stuttgart.