after Aeschylus in an adaptation by Robert Icke
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Set and costume design
Anthony Almeida
Video design
Tim Reid
Light design
Natasha Chivers, Tim Deiling

HÖRMAL - Sylvana Krappatsch über Robert Ickes "ORESTIE"

Press comments

New York Times
A.J. Goldmann,
"...a long but gripping evening … Despite the contemporary relocation, Mr. Icke’s version remains faithful to Aeschylus."

"In this version, the character who comes most clearly into focus is Clytemnestra, the mourning queen, who will take revenge on Agamemnon only to be killed by her son. The German actress Sylvana Krappatsch ensures that the focus stays on her, thanks to a courageous performance that is ferocious, grief-stricken and sexually charged. Matthias Leja is her worthy partner, and later opponent, as a severe yet uncommonly sympathetic Agamemnon."

"Mr. Icke’s meticulous direction is full of disconcerting, often freaky, touches, including a spooked Iphigenia … singing the most unsettling version of the Beach Boys’ "God Only Knows" you’ll ever hear while clutching a stuffed bunny. Mr. Icke is also fond of cinematic touches that recall David Lynch during climactic moments, such as the frosted glass dividers that turn transparent at the blink of an eye, accompanied by flashing light and a zapping noise."

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