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A walkabout by the State Opera Stuttgart, the Stuttgart Ballet and the Schauspiel Stuttgart
Treffpunkt Foyer Schauspielhaus
Fr – 05. Jun 20
Idee und Regie
Cornelius Meister, Edward Clug, John Cranko (adaptiert von Tamas Detrich), Michel Fokine, Shaked Heller, Roman Novitzky, Florian Etti, Ute Lindenberg, Gwendolyne Melchinger

Press comments

17 Dec 20
"In early June, the Stuttgart State Theaters, in the south of Germany, triumphantly drew back their curtains with a theatrical walkabout that was as momentous as it was meticulously executed. It was, without a doubt, the production of the year."

New York Times
A.J. Goldmann, Jun 11, 2020
"Standing in front of a two-way mirror, I stared in fascination, and a little discomfort, as the actress Therese Dörr locked eyes with me from the other side and recited a monologue that conjured up an apartment - and a life - gone to ruin, "like in Pompeii," she kept repeating. The world around me faded away, too. I seemed to fall into her eyes and into her speech. It lasted no more than five minutes, but that was enough time for the hypnosis to take effect. Such theatrical intimacy came about because of, not despite, the social distancing requirements...."

"Rather than trying to merely work around the new rules, Mr. Kosminski has taken these regulations as a set of formal constraints and created a new kind of aesthetic experience. Along the 12 stations on this packed, 75-minute route, dance, theater and music are performed with a rare level of intimacy and immediacy, coalescing into a kind of Gesamtkunstwerk."

"Performing arts organizations in New York and elsewhere could learn a lesson from Stuttgart about the creative flexibility and ingenuity that will be required to responsibly lift cultural lockdowns worldwide."

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