by Nora Abdel-Maksoud
Lobby Kammertheater
Germany in one autumn in a near (?) future, the citizen's allowance is called Hartz-4 again, the job centres do still exist, the system of taking numbers still proves its worth. Yet the scope of the case workers' tasks has expanded. Gabor and Armin are by now the guardians of the Inheritance Lottery, as the natural, old-fashioned law of inheritance has been reformed, and legacies are now distributed by lottery. Thus, everyone has a chance to receive something out of the 400 billion Euros bequeathed annually in Germany. Silke rebels; is it fair to see her father's fortune, for which he had to labour throughout his life, being raffled - and not being able to feed into her start-up? Maude, however, is frustrated by quite different circumstances. In the hallowed halls of the Federal Employment Agency, however, all four of these people meet and engage in a racy, pointed exchange of blows for the big prize.

Nora Abdel-Maksoud scrutinises the privilege of birth in her sharply pointed social satire. Taking up a deep social need for security, she precisely negotiates the structural conditions of a society in which class differences are both effective and denied. Provocatively and ingeniously, Abdel-Maksoud dissects the volatile self-image of the affluent bourgeoisie, which refuses to place itself above the middle class, as compared to its capital.
Stage and Costume Design
Walter Bühler, Lennart Göbel