In the Storm of Time

by Joshua Sobol
In German and English with surtitles
Sat – 24. Feb 24
Libby has just finished her military service and works as an interrogator for the Israeli army. But she is fed up with the vicious circle of violence and reprisals and takes some time off. She visits her grandfather Dave on his kibbutz in the desert. There she comes across the diaries of her great-grandmother Eva, who came to Palestine at the beginning of the 20th century. Here she founded a kibbutz together with other young people - her son Dave being the only one still living there. With Eva's diaries, Libby dives into the past of a courageous woman who leaves her husband and child behind to become a dancer in Germany. In 1930s Berlin, she is introduced to the theatre scene surrounding Bertolt Brecht and is confronted with the rising National Socialism. She manages to return to Israel just in time. Based on her great-grandmother's diaries, Libby begins to make a film that spans four generations, interwoven with the dramatic events of the last 100 years: from the birth of the Israeli nation and the State of Israel to the current political situation. The past is reflected in the present and ultimately shapes the future. Libby's own story stands alongside that of her great-grandmother. She tries to grasp it in conversations with her parents, her grandfather Dave and in her encounters with Adib, a Palestinian student with whom she develops a close relationship.
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