A Dark, Dark, Dark, Dark Blue

by Simon Stephens
German Translation by Barbara Christ
Sat – 06. Jan 24
Stuttgart - in a greenhouse climate: Christof is in his early twenties and terminally ill. One last time, his girlfriend Nicola wants to spend a day with him - just as they used to when he was healthy. She takes him on an imaginary journey to all those places that meant something to them: their old school, the swimming pool, the TV tower ... The intensity of their experiences is a final celebration of deep connection out of full joie de vivre. Eventually, Christof departs with a sarcastic sense of humour: he is happy to leave the planet as he can no longer bear its demise. On this journey through town, we also meet Christof's father, a successful car salesman who, marked by strokes of fate, is sinking into melancholy, and his uncle, who has spent time in prison. The lovelorn Karolina, who holds out hope that her brother's newborn child will save the world, and Marie, a German teacher who recognises her deceased son in the 18-year-old student Tomas.
In his psychological relationship drama, Simon Stephens depicts family tragedies against the backdrop of climate change and intergenerational conflicts. While the youth feel abandoned by their parents and their searching and longing lead them nowhere, the generation of fathers, torn by their failed life plans and their outdated creeds, retreats into loneliness and falls silent. They all experience themselves as homeless outcasts in a world that has now become estranged to them.
Costume design
Ulf Stengl
Lighting Design