Fruzsina Nagy

Fruzsina Nagy was born in Budapest in 1974. She is a costume designer and theatre producer, and works in Hungary, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. She studied applied arts in London, Nottingham and Hungary, going on to work as a costume designer for theatre, opera, film, and ballet. She has collaborated with seminal Hungarian directors such as Árpád Schilling, Tamás Ascher, Róbert Alföldi and Viktor Bodó. Nagy has designed costumes for Bodó's productions at Schauspielhaus Graz, Schauspiel Köln, Theater Basel, Volkstheater Wien and Schauspielhaus Zürich, among others.
Nagy has won multiple awards for her costume design, judged by critics, audiences and professional juries, and was named Costume Designer of the Year.
Since 2017, Nagy has collaborated with the composer and choir director Dóra Halas. Together, they developed their own performing arts genre. Catwalk Concert Productionsfeatures a fusion of playful, multilayered choral performances composed by Dóra Halas, and costumes that are both spectacular and witty by Fruzsina Nagy. Their productions deal with social themes, exploring modern-day taboos and absurd, Kafkaesque bureaucratic processes.
Nagy designed the costumes for Viktor Bodó's productions of The Exterminating Angel and Fabian Or Going to the Dogs for Schauspiel Stuttgart.