Joscha Eiẞen*

Foto: Maks Richter
Joscha Eißen was born in 1995 and studied medicine at the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich before starting his acting training at the Academy of Performing Arts in Baden-Württemberg in 2018. Here, he worked with Adeline Rosenstein, Christiane Pohle, Christian von Treskow and Wulf Twiehaus, among others. Eißen has appeared in various films shown in cinemas and on TV. Directed by the Grimme Award winner Friedemann Fromm, he joined the cast of the novel adaptation Summer of '44 - The lost generation. In 2019, he starred in the feature short Far Out, which premiered at the Max Ophüls Festival and was subsequently screened at international film festivals such as the Palm Springs International Shortfest. He also acted in the feature film When Will it Be Again Like it Never Was Before (directed by Sonja Heiss and premiering in 2023, which is based on the bestselling novel by Joachim Meyerhoff. Eißen is a founding member of the David Bowie tribute band Heroes, with whom he has toured throughout Germany since 2016.