Gibs auf, gibs auf

Franz Kafka and us - A tribute
Kafka-Night of the Staatstheater Stuttgart
June 2024 marks the 100th anniversary of Franz Kafka's death. To mark this occasion, on Saturday, June 15, 2024, all sections of the Staatstheater Stuttgart, together with the German Literature Archive Marbach and the Academy for the Spoken Word, will present a Kafka Night in the Kammertheater entitled Gibs auf, gibs auf - Franz Kafka und wir - Eine Hommage.

What inspirational force continues to emanate from the Prague writer's work? What makes it still relevant for us today? Is there perhaps even still something unknown to be discovered in the work of this enigmatic author? We will explore these questions in our homage with various artistic contributions and discussions.

For the Kafka Night, the choreographer and soloist of The Stuttgart Ballet Fabio Adorisio creates a pas des deux with the dancers Martino Semenzato and Vittoria Girelli that is inspired by the writer's emotional sensitivity. To the music of Franz Schubert, Adorisio processes Kafka's interpersonal relationships, but also his talent for portraying his own emotions from the most diverse perspectives. In a conversation with Katharina Hacker and Ulf Stolterfoht, Jan Bürger from the German Literature Archive will discuss their readings of Kafka with the authors. In addition, actors and actresses from Schauspiel Stuttgart will read from the author's stories. The second part of the evening is dedicated to Franz Kafka's relationship with music. Kammersängerin Helene Schneidermann will present an excerpt from her program Yiddish Songs. Ensemble member Michael Nagl will sing Carl Loewe's ballad Count Eberstein, which, according to Max Brod, was Kafka's "favorite music". Together with colleagues from the acting ensemble, Nagl will also perform Albert Graf von Schlippenbach's Nun leb wohl, du kleine Gasse, a song "which was often sung in the morning choir at the sanatorium this year, which I fell in love with and copied", as Kafka confessed in a letter in 1912.