Ronja, the Robber's Daugh­ter

by Astrid Lindgren
Sun – 12. Nov 23
Ronja, the robber's daughter, comes into the world on a dark stormy night in a fortress deep in the Mattis Forest. On the same night, lightning strikes and splits the fortress, home of the robber‘s clan, in two. Ronja grows up protected by the rough but loving bunch. After all, dangers lurk everywhere: bloodthirsty druids, treacherous grey gnomes and a hellmouth made for falling into. Once Ronja turns eleven, she begins to explore the world on her own. On one of her forays through the forest, she befriends a boy she has never met before. It is Birk Borkason, the son of Borka, the leader of the Borka clan and archenemy of Ronja's father. Insolently and unasked, they nestled themselves into the other half of the fortress. However, the friendship between the two robber children does not remain undiscovered for long. Mattis is fuming, whereupon Ronja and Birk flee to escape their parents' wrath. But the two are not safe in the forest ...
Astrid Lindgren's classic adventure is not only a gripping story about friendship and courage, but also a clear call against intolerance and for a respectful treatment of nature and its creatures.
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