Zeit wie im Fieber (UA)

by Björn SC Deigner
Sat – 11. Nov 23
Georg Büchner's famous slogan "Peace to the huts! War on the palaces!" seems all too simplistic today. But where to start when disagreeing with the circumstances? Lena and Julie are stuck in a crucible, trying to get up its slope to where the view is wide and the air crisp. Up there, where they "get our money's worth", mirrors could be set up to allow sunlight into even the darkest cellars of the valley. On their way there, however, the two encounter an odd staff that made its very own deductions from their discontent - be it a king, an eager baker or that doctor who keeps popping up with her thoughts on human development. "A reality ripe for revolution does not fall from the sky," said Rudi Dutschke. Well, how is it created instead? Skepticism towards democracy is ubiquitous: Where does this conflict come from, and how justified is it in the end?
For his text, Deigner borrows motifs and figures from Büchner's writing, the author of the Hessian Courier, who is considered a revolutionary par excellence. This reference serves as a foundation for Deigner to explore the question of what revolution can look like today and whether one is still eager to change the system at all, if it means to start by changing oneself.
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