Daniel Regenberg

Daniel Regenberg was born in 1976. He studied mathematics and philosophy at the Humboldt University; jazz piano, popular music and composition at the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music; and film composition at the Konrad Wolf Film University of Babelsberg. Regenberg has worked in theatres as a musical director and occasionally a stage pianist with Oliver Frljić, Sebastian Baumgarten, Nicolas Stemann, Karin Henkel, Karin Beier, Ivan Panteleev, among others, and numerous times with Milan Peschel. His work has taken him to Berlin (Volksbühne, Komische Oper, Deutsches Theater, Gorki Theater), Hamburg (Deutsches Schauspielhaus and Thalia Theater), Vienna, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Leipzig, and Amsterdam. He has appeared on stage at other theatres including Schauspiel Köln and Schauspielhaus Bochum and Zurich. Regenberg has also composed and produced music for several dance productions, mainly in collaboration with the dancer and choreographer Juschka Weigel.
Regenberg has released several albums, and occasionally writes and directs. He developed the alias Paff Meisi with his former partner, Maria Kwiatkowsky, releasing an album ('Intimtattoo') with the Volksbühne label, and hosted the monthly King of Cock's 'Laid Night Show' at the Volksbühne Berlin Volksbühne Red Salon. Regenberg, acting as initiator, director, screenwriter and film musician, made a feature film and a 12-part internet sitcom, allegedly the first in the world of its scale, Torstrasse intim.