Lena Lagushonkova

Foto: Petr Litvik
Lena Lagushonkova was born in Stanytsia in Ukraine and studied at the History Faculty of the Taras Shevchenko National University in Luhansk [LNU]. She made her first attempts at writing poetry and prose as a child, but destroyed all the texts from that time. She made her debut as a playwright in 2018 with her play BAZA,about women and prostitution, as part of the Week of Current Art Festival (Тиждень актуальной пьесы). She works with Young Theatre and PostPlay Theatre, participates in workshops and co-curates projects for the National Association of Theatre Activists of Ukraine. She won prizes in the Week of Current Art (Тиждень актуальной пьесы) and Drama.UA competitions. Her work to date encompasses eight plays. Her play Chapayev and Vasilisa, about decommunisation and violence among teenagers, was performed at the Berezil Theatre in Kharkiv. The musical Plague – about the Great Plague of London in the 17th century – is to be performed at the V. Vasilko Theatre in Odessa. In addition, a production of the play Hernán Cortés and the Others about conquistadors and postcolonial trauma is in the pipeline. Lena Lagushonkova has worked on adaptations of texts by Borges, Bulgakov, Shakespeare and Márquez for theatres in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities. In the near future, she would like to write about Luhansk, where she studied and lived for seven years, as well as about geishas and the St Bartholomew's Day massacre.