Anna Scherbyna

Anna Scherbyna (born 1988 in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine) is an artist, illustrator, curator.

Her works cover a wide range of topics including natural landscapes and their political connotations, war, gender performativity and violence. She also shows interest and sensitivity in the distribution of power and knowledge and uses imagination to envision possible futures. Her practice examines the critical potential of a variaty of media such as installations and videos, drawings and paintings.
Scherbyna graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv and also studied at the Course of Art in Kyiv. She currently studies within the Meistershüle program in the class of Clemens von Wedemeyer called “Expanded Cinema” in Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig.

Anna Scherbyna participated in numerous exhibitions and film-festivals such as "Woman at War", Fridman gallerz, New York (2022); "Imagine Ukraine – Art as a Critical Attitude", M HKA, Antwerp (2022); "The Porta"l, VBKÖ, Vienna (2021); "Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur", Switzerland, (2020); "A Space of One’s Own", Pinchuk Art Centre, Kyiv (2017); "Edenia, the city if the future", Kharkiv (2017); "TEXTUS. Embroidery, textile, feminism", Kyiv (2017).
In 2020 Scherbyna was nominated for the Pinchuk Art Prize.

As a member of different curatorial groups she organised a reading club for artists and theoreticians of Chytanka (since 2020), the feminist international exhibition "The Cave of the Golden Rose" in Kyiv (2019) and "Sabber, Deer and Spining Wheel" in Stanica Luhanska (2018).