Animal Farm

by George Orwell
In a translation by Ulrich Blumenbach

Sat – 27. Apr 24
They are caged and exploited, their bodies tortured. The animals on Mister Jones' estate are fed up. Together they revolt against the existing conditions. After they banish their tormentor from the farm, in theory there is nothing to stand in the way to realising their vision: all animals are equal. However, a new elite soon crystallises. Corrupted by power, the pigs place themselves at the forefront of the new order. Claiming to act in the spirit of social transformation, they make the other animals grind while they themselves move into the house of Mister Jones. They establish new rules and grant themselves privileges. The former ideal of a just and free society erodes visibly and remains an inchoate utopia.
The fable by the British writer and journalist George Orwell appears as harmless as a fairy tale, which gives the story's ending an all the more forceful effect. Orwell's masterpiece from 1945 can no longer be read merely as a critique of the former Soviet Union, but illustrates how social concepts degenerate into dystopias once the original ideals are betrayed out of selfishness by a few and thereby turned into the opposite: „All animals are aqual but some animals are more equal than others“
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