The Sorcer­er's Appr­entice

A musical by Marthe Meinhold, Marius Schötz
and ensemble
Fri – 23. Feb 24
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's ballad of The Sorcerer's Apprentice, who, in the absence of his master, experiments with magic without permission - and fails disastrously - reads: "Die ich rief die Geister / Werd ich nun nicht los" (I called the spirits / I can't get rid of them now). This story is not only significant as a testimony to this period of turning away from Sturm und Drang, but also the old, well-known conflict between the generations: Youth tries its hand at new manners, fails, learns and hopes to perform the sorcery as it grows older. But what if time brings forth a youth that especially seeks to hold the magic masters accountable? What if the youth quietly quits and leaves the wand in the corner? What if they ask themselves how their lives are to be shaped and what relationship they have to labour, instead of defining their existence by working hours. Does this put the art of magic at risk or must simply new ways be found to get the household objects into motion?
With The Sorcerer's Apprentice, the directing duo Marthe Meinhold and Marius Schötz return to Stuttgart. The intention of their work is to allow the group to be experienced on stage in their togetherness. For this purpose, every decision is made collectively with all those involved. Thusly, the intrepid sorcerer's apprentices try their hand at the art of the old masters once again. And in their quest, even test the limits of magic itself - with lots of music and good cheer.
Stage Design / Costume design
Marius Schötz
Lighting Design
Eun Chong Park, Eufemia Manfredi