Evgenia Dodina

Foto: Maks Richter
Evgenia Dodina was born in Mahiljou, Belarus, and studied drama in Moscow. She went on to act at the Mayakovsky Theater as well as in Soviet films. After emigrating to Israel, she became an ensemble member at the Gesher Theater, and appeared in numerous films, including several directed by Ari Folman. Dodina has been nominated for the Ophir Award multiple times. She joined the Habima National Theatre in Tel Aviv in 2007. In 2017, she appeared in films including the German feature film In Zeiten des abnehmendes Lichts (In times of fading light), acting alongside Bruno Ganz, Angela Winkler and Sylvester Groth. Dodina was a guest actor in Wajdi Mouawad's production Vögel (Birds). She has been a permanent ensemble member at Schauspiel Stuttgart since the 2020/21 season.