Luda Tymoshenko

© Björn Klein
Luda Tymoshenko, born 1978 in North Kazakhstan, is a playwright, visual artist and university lecturer from Kyiv/Ukraine. In 2000 she graduated in philosophy from the Franko National University in Lviv/Ukraine. Here she defended her doctoral thesis on "The Socio-epistemological Nature of Modern Myth-making" and in 2014 her dissertation "The Formation of the Political and Entrepreneurial Elite in Ukraine". She works as a lecturer in sociology and political science at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. In 2013, she started writing screenplays and plays, and also took up painting. Her plays have been shortlisted several times at various festivals such as Current Play Week or Topical Play Week. The drama Five Songs of Polissya (2021) was awarded the Grand Prix of the July Honey competition, won the Ukrainian Institute's Drama on the Move competition and was shortlisted for first place in the DRAMA UA theatre competition. Her work was exhibited at the Red Square Art Gallery in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2016. She is currently co-writing the short film Golden Leggings and the feature film Lessons of Tolerance with director Arkady Nepitalyuk.