Life X 3

by Yasmina Reza
Tickets Schauspiel Stuttgart Oberer Schloßgarten 6, 70173 Stuttgart
Sat – 08. Mar 25, 19:30
Sat – 08. Mar 25
Tickets Schauspiel Stuttgart Oberer Schloßgarten 6, 70173 Stuttgart
Sat – 08. Mar 25, 19:30
The existential question we ask ourselves all too often is whether events in our lives could have unfolded differently and which version we would choose after all if we had the choice. In her brilliant comedy, French playwright Yasmina Reza depicts three versions of the same evening and, in her usual delightful manner, reveals the bourgeois work and love relationships of our time.
Apple not biscuit! With this compromise, Sonia, a lawyer, and Henri, an astrophysicist, try to keep their whinging child Arnaud in check following evening tooth-brushing before pursueing their scientific and legal practice working from home. Finding this compromise in question however leads to an altercation until suddenly the doorbell rings. Inès and Hubert Finidori, Henri's employer and his wife, surprisingly turn up on the doorstep a day early. "Quelle catastrophe" for Henri and Sonia between an empty fridge and casual wear. Over the course of the evening, Hubert without restrainds stuffs himself with the hastily served finger food, whilst Inès gets excited about the drinks. The evening spirals out of control by the time Hubert drops the bombshell and lets Henri know that his article, which he has been working on meticulously now for over three years, had already been published by a Mexican researcher.
Life X 3, which premiered simultaneously in Paris and Vienna in 2001, centres on a hilarious battle between two couples. Reza locates the two unequal couples between hubris and lunacy in a mercilessly witty story about marital problems and career planning, expectations and frustrations in the middle of life.
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